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Journey to new worlds, live new lives, unravel shocking mysteries... From wartime Britain to the deepest corners of the human psyche, these adventures will transport you to places you've never experienced before.


Available on Kindle and in paperback from Amazon.


Suffragette Sensei

From the author of VIKING RESURRECTION and RAINE FALL comes another breathless and colourful tale: a rip-roaring adventure through the secrets of Edwardian London that unearths both a conspiracy and an unlikely heroine. While the battle for equal rights rages on the streets, another festers beneath the surface - one birthed in the nation’s past. Only Isadora Samuels, banker’s wife and mother of two, could become the unexpected answer the city needs. Her own past has readied her for this day… but one question remains: at what cost?

SUFFRAGETTE SENSEI: An epic tale in five parts of one woman's fight to save a city.

“Steve’s best novel yet… Felt breathless at the end. Thrilling and inventive."

Gold a'Locks And The Three Weres

The number one free Amazon Fairy Tale download, telling the true events that inspired Goldilocks And The Three Bears. A NOVELETTE.

"Not all stories are passed on in sincerity. Some truths have remained untold; some have been spun but false. This one must now be woven in honesty's light, for it has been twisted through the generations since its inception. The childhood favourite tells of a spoilt little girl with hair of sunlight and three speaking animals, but this belies the darker threads of its reality. She was not just some little brat, and they were not mere animals. Children: sometimes the monsters are the ones that look just like you..."


"A great twist on a well-known story... fast-paced and exciting"

Viking Resurrection

England, 999AD. Twelve-year old Amy's parents have gone missing, the summer has leapt into winter and graves are bursting their occupants forth. As she gathers family and new friends to rescue her Ma and Pa, hell is uncovered from across the seas: an undead army and beasts from the darkest corners of their nightmares. 

In a fast-paced adventure that spans an era and a continent, Amy must ensure that when facing the order of Hel only faith and family can withstand its wicked schemes.


"Intelligence with your action and adventure"

Raine Fall

Timothy Raine is a simple museum curator, obsessed with 1940's Britain and film noir. He desires the different values of those days, the styles, even a little of the intrigue if he were to be honest. When a beautiful woman sweeps him into a dark world of violence and deception, he falls for the excitement but is blind to the danger. Because this tale's about to become way too personal for his own liking, and his only escape is to see it through to its bloody, twisted end... 

"An exciting, thrilling, emotional journey with an ending that does not disappoint."

School Of Thought

Rousing suddenly in a dark wood with complete amnesia, his life up to a few seconds ago an empty void, a young man has to fight for his identity and ultimately for his life. Teaming together with others suffering from the same condition, their efforts soon unearth the horror of what led them to this nightmare in the first place. 

A puzzle box, an enigma, School Of Thought will lead you where you least expect...


"A rollercoaster ride of a book"

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