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JEN SUMNER - collaboration project


"Jen Sumner" is a writing team: Steve and his wife Jennie have been married for twenty-five years and are still suckers for the romantic. Besides his own books, the "Luxmore Park" feel-good romance series has become their first collaboration. Jennie comes up with the story and character ideas, while Steve turns them into sentences, and there are plans for many more to come...

The Luxmore Park series:

"Annie is delightful... a mixture of the clumsiness of Bridget Jones and the feistiness of Elizabeth Bennett"


~ The first in the Luxmore Park series of Feel-Good Romances ~
The Somerset art retreat was an impromptu chance for photographer Annie and her Mum to get away together, and so the last thing on Annie's mind was falling in love while there.

As her week unfolds, and the village's residents welcome her with open arms, it's local electrician Seb who captivates her attention in particular. While the mysteries of the neighbouring private estate Luxmore Park begin to enthral her, Seb himself is hooked by this dizzying young woman but reservations prevent Annie from diving in. Despite her own protests however, events conspire to paint a new picture for Annie in surprising ways.

"A Jane Austen tale in a contemporary setting" ~ Jo Bartlett


~ The second in the Luxmore Park series of Feel-Good Romances ~

Weddings are meant to be joyous occasions, brimming with excitement and the expectation of new beginnings, but for Annie Gibson this particular one brings a whole other set of issues: the rich Gibbs family and their mysterious foibles.

It’s six months after Annie and Seb began dating, and his sister Veronica’s lavish wedding is fast approaching. While Annie enjoys her every moment with this wonderful man, and begins considering her own future with him, his mother Clarisse proves to be a formidable presence that might overshadow all that Annie could wish for.

Navigating the waters of upper crust family dinners, Hen Party hijinks and a mansion full of secrets, all the while feeling like she doesn’t belong, Annie has to decide what, or whom, she will choose above all things.


~ The third in the Luxmore Park series of Feel-Good Romances ~

Surprises are fun, but only when they’re nice ones.

From the wedding planning through to the big day itself, and then beyond into the early days of their marriage, it had all proved to be a dream-come-true for Annie and Seb. Together, they awoke to step into each new day as Mr and Mrs Gibbs. And together they contended with the highs and lows of what each of those days presented. It was the most magical feeling.

The problem, however, was that the dream was never meant to include the kinds of secrets that start revealing themselves along the way. Some of these revelations are delightful, others anything but, and yet there’s one in particular that serves to confound Annie amidst everything else. She soon discovers she needs to use her wits to not only help her and Seb have the best start to their married life, but perhaps even to save Luxmore Park itself.

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